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"Bill from Helpful Husband fixed my leaking solar panel and rinsed out all my gutters to make sure they didn't rust through from all the chlorinated water that spilled down into them. Thanks for saving me money on gutter repalacement when all I thought all I needed was solar panel repair " -- Gloria S.

"It's so nice to be able to call someone to fix something in your house without feeling like you are getting ripped off or taken advantage of. With Bill I felt the exact opposite! I felt I got a great deal from a nice family man who knows his stuff! He was quick, on time, and thorough, even vacuuming after himself when finished!!! I can't suggest him enough, I will definitely be using him again!"--Micaella G.

"I don't like it, I love it!"(When asked how he liked the deck Bill had built for him)--Larry L.
"He did a great job, was perfectly tidy and thorough...I was floored by the quality of service. Very affordable, totally nice guy to talk to with plenty of knowledge to share with a completely non-handy guy like myself...Absolutely recommend this business to anyone looking for help around the house." --Brian E.