Helpful Husband is owned and operated by husband and wife team Bill and Irene Rose. We are a small family business based in Pleasanton, California, and we promise personalized, professional, and reliable service for all of your household needs.

The Wife - Irene is a wife and mother who understands the many challenges that face homeowners. She knows that without the help of her husband, Bill, many things around the house would remain on the bottom of the "To-Do" list. After years of counting on him to repair and maintain their home, and after watching him help out countless neighbors, friends, and family, she thought there may be others out there who could use his service.
The Husband - Bill was born and raised in Pleasanton, as was his father and grandfather before him. Growing up working on a ranch and currently maintaining four residential properties in the Tri Valley, Bill has seen most problems and fixed them all. And if he can't help you with your project, he knows not only who could but should. More than a handyman, he is a craftsman, mechanic, designer and artist all in one. As a husband and father he knows that customers are cautious about who they invite into their home. That is why he promises friendly, honest service, clean working environment and a 100% guarantee on all workmanship. When you call Helpful Husband, you can expect a courteous, respectful and kind man to show up at your door at the time promised.